Kim Technologies: A Platform-First Approach to Success

Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer
Arguably the holy grail of digital strategy, enterprise-wide technology platforms are fast becoming table stakes for growth. In a collective zeal for platforms, organizations sometimes overlook the underlying ‘platform thinking’ required for creating success. As Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer at Kim Technologies can attest, it takes vision and expertise to disrupt the platform economy. Daws believes the real power lies in keeping it simple and giving knowledge workers the power to customize the platform for their own needs without the need for IT development.

Daws and the skilled team at Kim Technologies bring a no-code configuration model to integrated case management, workflow management, and document management across multiple industries and functions, including HR. Powered by AI and machine learning components, the Kim platform exhibits a unified data-driven model that enables the platform to adapt itself based on the kind of data it is presented with. What makes Kim’s world-class global delivery platform second to none is the dual benefit of faster application development and the ability to create software without holding a programming background. The users can configure it to carry out a wide variety of different automation processes without requiring IT expertise—from automated workflow, complex document generation to document review and case management—with all information easily accessible in one place. This data provides a powerful resource for Kim’s build-your-own dashboards which utilize almost a hundred different visualizations.

The Cloud-based, responsive platform comprises highly adaptable software capable of automating cross-sector and cross-function business solutions on a global basis. After initial success optimizing legal operations and contract management in legal services, Kim Technologies moved into the HR market to cater to the needs of HR service delivery professionals. Often trapped in the muddle of traditional technologies, the HR software arena can eradicate the challenges presented by siloed legacy systems by adopting Kim’s state-of-the-art capabilities for HR operations and service delivery.
Kim empowers organizations in consumer goods, distribution, education, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, professional services, retail, telecommunications, and non-profit industries with seamless HR transformation. Organizations can get rid of the cost and complexity of large and inflexible systems with the Kim platform. From onboarding, through day-to-day employee relations and performance management activities, all the way to exit interviews, Kim is driven by a unique platform-first design that allows HR professionals to automate their processes, workflows, and documents for any stage of the employee lifecycle. “HR professionals can quickly and easily gain access to all the information relating to a candidate or employee and generate documents with just a click of a button; the platform’s automated interface ensures that data is recorded in one place, eliminating the need to keep track of multiple information sources,” explains Daws. The plug-and-play PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model delivers seamless connectivity and configuration settings to help HR professionals focus on their objectives rather than wrestling with the software itself. “The next-generation platform’s smart web-based user interface makes it ideal for managing HR processes and giving real-time insights into activity data as well as identifying trends and patterns to help inform departmental and business decision-making,” he adds.

Kim’s implementation team conducts training for clients who wish to manage the functionalities of the platform themselves. The team efficiently outlines the methodology of the project and maps out the functions that require automation along the workflow. Boasting of a Global 3000 and Fortune 500 clientele, Kim Technologies aims to ensure its solutions are not only fit-for-purpose now, but future-proof, too. The company is focused on increasing its cognitive abilities, for example in assisting HR professionals with comparing documents in the portfolio against their internal standards. It is also working on the use of AI for self-learning and workflow processes along with solving control issues with predictive analytics. “As a young entity whose first product has already been embraced by customers around the world in multiple languages, we’re excited to continue our mission and bring the benefits of emerging technologies to knowledge workers everywhere,” concludes Daws.

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FREMONT, CA: The power to dislocate the platform economy needs a strong vision and expert insights. The aim to providr knowledge workers with the ability to decide the means for completing their work without depending on the IT department, Kim Technologies has ensured complete digitalization and automation of processes.
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Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer

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