StaffBridge: Spearheading a New Era of Workforce Management

Kendra Hunter, President
“How can we help you today?” Every person likes to hear these words when seeking healthcare assistance for themselves or their families. In this age of value-based care, most healthcare institutions are driven by a three-part goal: to offer superior patient outcomes, improve healthcare experiences, and deliver services at lower costs. However, building a culture of value innovation in healthcare is not a cakewalk. Among other requisites, one of the most demanding aspects of a “quality-over-quantity” healthcare reform is the availability of qualified clinical staff. Therefore, identifying, hiring, and retaining talent in a healthcare organization have become more tedious than ever. “And, when the institutions fail to manage their staff effectively, employee overtime and outside agency costs tend to rise astronomically, dropping the productivity and overwhelming the already overworked employees,” says Kendra Hunter, a veteran in strategizing workforce management and the president of StaffBridge. In the wake of these concerns, StaffBridge brings a nexus of new digital capabilities to solve traditional staffing and workforce management setbacks in the healthcare domain. The company’s one-of-its-kind SaaS platform facilitates seamless integration of staff scheduling, timekeeping, and credential management in one system. This resource consolidation not only helps healthcare facilities reduce overtime and outside agency costs, but also helps focus on what matters most: providing quality patient care.

With modules to easily create core schedules and an intuitive dashboard that can manage last-minute changes, StaffBridge brings more agility to the staffing process. Furthermore, offering the same benefits through a mobile app, StaffBridge helps clinicians view their work schedule on the go, promote availability for self-scheduling, and accept shifts based on their personal schedule—fostering a workplace environment where the power of choice rests in the hands of employees. This unique approach not only relieves clinicians from overburdening themselves but also ushers a richer sense of responsibility toward their work, which ultimately leads to better utilization of resources and patient care.

While ensuring an engaged workforce, StaffBridge also provides an immediate opportunity for cost savings by consolidating the workforce costs in one system.
StaffBridge’s SaaS platform enables scheduling managers to identify open shifts at a glance and make informed decisions about overtime, float pool, and even agency resources to drive bottom-line savings.

While ensuring an engaged workforce, StaffBridge also provides an immediate opportunity for cost savings by consolidating the workforce costs in one system

Today, StaffBridge caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes in the acute, post-acute, and emergency response segments, as well as large healthcare staffing organizations and high-volume, managed service providers. In fact, Hunter attributes the success of the company to their extensive clientele. “Our clients are the fulcrum on which our innovation axle turns,” Hunter remarks. Citing a case study, she elaborates how StaffBridge helped a respected specialty hospital in improving their scheduling mechanism for both internal and agency staff. Prior to implementing StaffBridge’s technology, the hospital had a time-consuming, reactive approach to staffing open shifts. As a result, shifts were either unfilled or double-booked, and agency costs were high. Within two months of implementing StaffBridge, the scheduling administrator was able to decrease their dependency on agencies, while StaffBridge mobile app helped in increasing the engagement of staff in the scheduling process, leading to enhanced engagement. “And because the scheduler can now view the entire workforce plan in real time, there are no more double bookings and reactive agency usage; instead they have a healthier bottom line,” says Hunter.

Such accomplishments help StaffBridge to propel forward. “Our highly skilled team is forward thinking and constantly identifies opportunities to expand our product offering,” mentions Hunter. StaffBridge is committed to embracing more challenges in the coming days and building a solution that is not only suitable for the healthcare landscape but the ever-changing workforce across different industries.


Overland Park, KS

Kendra Hunter, President

Offers an intuitive SaaS platform that empowers healthcare companies to monitor, manage, and predict activity throughout the entire workforce management process