2Interact: Delivering Holistic HRMS

Marc Van der Ven, VP
The recent years have witnessed the market for HRMS getting overpopulated by seemingly endless vendor choices. This has created an environment of confusion among buyers in collaborating with the right HRMS provider. “Everywhere you look, you’ll find systems that offer HR, Payroll, Benefits and more. You need to have used a few advanced ones to be able to clearly see the benefits of one solution over another right away,” says Marc Van der Ven, the VP of 2Interact. And even after a buyer treads this path to partner with a vendor, the chances are that they would most likely have chosen a less beneficial system. While many vendors are still peddling product suites that result from multiple acquisitions instead of in-house development, those products consisting of an actual single suite are often quite limited in configuration and features. This is partly because many software companies try to do too many things; they sell databases, accounting systems, HR & Payroll systems, benefits systems, and CRM systems. This is where 2Interact is different. “We focus on HRMS and what’s closely related to it and we make sure that our products are very configurable, very feature rich and extremely userfriendly,” states Van der Ven.

At its core, 2Interact offers an enterprise solution, Interact HRMS, consisting of more than 80 modules that cover everything from “hire to retire,” as said in the industry. In fact, the company’s value proposition even influences events before hiring; they start with budgeting, then recruitment and selection. When it comes to retiring, Interact HRMS even takes care of pensions with its Pensioner Payroll. “In between we will manage the entire employee life-cycle, with powerful modules all driven by self service to cover HR, talent management, benefits management, payroll, time & leave, but also things like health & safety, risk management and even operational matters like parking space and office space management,” adds Van der Ven. Further, the solution is developed on open source technology, mostly PHP, and everything runs on MySQL and Apache, which gives clients great flexibility and a much lower cost of ownership, regardless of whether the product is deployed on-premise or in a private or public cloud.

Through Interact HRMS, 2Interact focuses on international markets and looks for clients who have sophisticated needs. “Most likely we can cover all their needs with the product out of the box, but if we can’t, we’re ready to add the required feature to our general roadmap,”

We focus on HRMS and what’s closely related to it and we make sure that our products are very configurable, very feature rich and extremely userfriendly

mentions Van der Ven. In one instance, one of 2Interact’s clients—a public utility—had struggled to deploy one of the famous enterprise legacy ERP HRMS solutions. The main reason was that due to their complex needs, they had customized the system heavily to the point that the system was too difficult to use. On top of that, it had become extremely expensive to support, and they could not upgrade it either due to the many customizations. “Our job was to replace the existing enterprise HRMS and deploy Interact HRMS as an integrated HRMS with Payroll for Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly staff together with complex time and leave requirements,” states Van der Ven. To achieve this, 2Interact added some extra features to the standard product but mostly supported their needs with the existing configuration options and ensured that they could easily upgrade from now on.

Such has been the prowess that 2Interact has garnered by offering clients a far better user experience, lower cost of ownership, and more intuitive features. The company keeps expanding into new markets in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe. In addition, they have launched a new product built as an extension of Interact HRMS, Interact SSAS, or Social Security Administration System. This product is a true game-changer for many countries where the local social security system is under pressure to quickly modernize and embrace technology to allow employers to file social security taxes and contributions online and for individuals to apply for social security and other benefits online too. “We are also investing in AI in our HRMS solutions but we aren’t doing so for the sake of the buzzword but rather to offer very specific benefits and tools for our clients to further automate their work, improve decision making and spot trends or prevent mistakes from happening by learning from past transactions in the system,” concludes Van der Ven.


Washington, DC

Marc Van der Ven, VP

2Interact, Inc. is a global software firm focused on delivering cutting edge technology in the field of HR, Payroll, Benefits and Social Security with a focus on providing a very user-friendly web-based employee experience.