Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies - 2019

Employee engagement methods have been proven to scale down staff turnover, accelerate productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a better rate, and generate additional profits. Engaged employees have the drive to grow and improve, and failing to empower their development will cause stagnation.

Employees use a range of tools each day, generating data that can assist organizations in identifying engagement issues and driving positive change. By accumulating advanced learning insights through data analytics, companies can adjust modules as per individual requirements. Pulse surveys, specialized software to collaboration tools, capture data that facilitate teams in making decisions to evaluate employee engagement, predict future behavior, and inform solutions. For the associations that are implementing people analytics, they’re gaining a way deeper understanding of areas such as recruitment, performance, and employee mobility. This hard data could provide insights into what aspects are absent from employee experience or support to find the right solutions to lower employee turnover rate.

Gamification can remodel coaching sessions as well as enhance employee engagement with its focus on interactivity, a sense of ease, and an innovative approach to sharing learning and development. With modern technologies like MOOC, microlearning, and data analytics, employees can be empowered to pick up relevant skillsets, improving employee engagement.

This edition of CIOReview features companies that are at the forefront of offering employee engagement solutions such as Arnowitz Culture Agency, InvolveSoft, Tak Points, Talent Map, TINYpulse, Kazoo, and Officevibe. We present to you – “10 Most Promising Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies

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    An employee engagement solution provider that offers end-to-end employee development solutions that create, leverage, and sustain individual, team and corporate performance. One of the top employee engagement solution providers, Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) offers a first-of-a-kind platform titled the Arnowitz Culture Engine (ACE). The solution is made up of four components, namely a SaaS-based cloud technology, curation services, moderation services, and editorial services. By leveraging the platform, ACA enables behavioral change of people and organizations by running campaigns that have four distinct stages: 1) awareness, 2) engagement, 3) impact, and finally, 4) iteration

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    Started as an employee benefit company offering EAPs, wellness, and health advocacy solutions to employers, eni has evolved to become experts of integrating multiple benefit offerings to create solutions that meet each individual organization’s needs. It’s outsourced benefits integration approach allows organizations to consolidate, coordinate, and manage numerous employee benefits resulting a higher ROI on all benefits and increased employee engagement. The company specializes in Integrated Benefit Engagement Solutions designed to promote employee satisfaction and productivity and increase overall ROI

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    A HR Tech solution provider that offers a comprehensive platform to allow business leaders track and increase employees’ connections to their company. Through a SaaS platform designed to give C-Suites actionable insights on better ways to engage with employees, InvolveSoft is transforming the way businesses communicate internally. The platform is built on a mobile-friendly, Instagram-type interface that promotes top-down outreach and bottom-up feedback. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the InvolveSoft workplace community platform produces actionable insight for C-Suites of organizations across various industries

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    A HR Tech solution provider that offers a comprehensive platform to allow business leaders track and increase employees’ connections to their company

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    Tak Points fosters an advanced employee engagement platform to streamline the work life of nurses, boost staff retention, and improve the overall hospital performance. A leading employee engagement platform in the healthcare sector, Tak Points throbs around the concept of gratitude and offers an innovative ‘point system’ through its mobile app to drive staff engagement in hospitals. The Tak mobile app allows employees to give and earn points through recognition, which can be stored in their accounts for redemption. Added to this, nurses can also record various stressful situations or events that adversely affect their shifts within the app and earn points for it each time

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    TalentMap helps organizations achieve greater outcomes with action-centric employee engagement survey programs. The company enables businesses to ask the right surveys to its employees and achieve success through post-survey action planning. TalentMap assists public and private sector organizations across North America of all sizes to gain valuable workplace intelligence for the purpose of creating positive organizational change. A leading employee engagement platform, TalentMap allows clients to collect anonymous feedback from their workforce to identify the strengths and gaps in their strategies, initiatives, or policies from an employee’s perspective. Besides, the meaningful insights and expert consultancy from TalentMap enable organizations to improve communication with their employees and fuel their productivity

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    Emtrain believes that a healthy workplace culture is the foundation of company performance and employee success. Over the past few years, Emtrain has taken a different path than other companies in their space. They offer companies their developed innovative approaches to change the behaviors that define the workplace culture. Creative organizations with award-winning workplace cultures select Emtrain to help educate their employees on workplace culture and compliance topics. Emtrain builds healthier organizations through online compliance training, expert guidance, and data analytics. They transform workplace behavior using real-world video scenarios, interactive learning, and questionnaire access to industry experts on different topics

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    Helps in combining the power of YouEarnedIt’s industry-leading Recognition & Rewards platform with HighGround’s innovative Performance Management technology

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    Quantum Workplace

    Quantum Workplace

    Quantum Workplace offers an all-in-one employee engagement software that makes managers the essential drivers of workplace culture. The company serves more than 8,700 organizations, and its technology gives team leaders direct access to employee feedback and personalized real-time insights so that they can help their teams better. Beyond everything, they believe in making work better every day at their workplace as well as the clients'. Quantum Workplace has every tool managers need to listen to employee feedback, focus in on what matters, and transform the workplace into something more human

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    TINYpulse helps the employees to be happy and create a high performing team. They help in increasing communication and transparency, enhance and measure the culture, and reduce the company turnover. TINYpulse is a feedback-based tool that encourages the entire team to provide input. They give leaders quantitative, actionable feedback on issues that are hard to measure and diagnose. They also support enterprise-level businesses with helpful employee engagement consultants who support during a large scale organizational and cultural change. TINYpulse also provides support for employee recognition, performance plans, coaching, and retention