Top 20 HR Technology Companies - 2018

Experts around the world predict that 2018 is the year of transformative development with a significant increase in disruptive technology advancements. As the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, global enterprises are opting to reshape their workplace by replacing legacy systems with bleeding edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, bots, augmented reality, and predictive software. Amid other business verticals, Human Resources (HR) has also witnessed significant changes and is considered to be undergoing one of the most disruptive periods than it has been in the last decade.

The shift of sands is bringing in an usher of sophistication and flexibility in processes enabling enterprises to attract better talent, engage employees, and simultaneously increase overall business revenue. The influx of new technologies are opening doors to new performance management models, learning methods, ways to reduce bias, and approaches to hire and train employees.

Today, enterprises are aiming to completely digitize processes by becoming ‘smart’ and data-driven. There is an increasing need for cloud-based HRMS, employee experience platforms, recruitment management systems, and other HR applications that can change the nature of work, the structure of the workplace and subsequently increase revenue.

In an effort to help HR managers nurture a more productive and engaging workforce, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, CHROs, analysts, along with the CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed scores of HR technology solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices. In our selection process, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the HR landscape. We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top HR Solution Companies

  • 1

    BullseyeEngagement provides customized hire-to-retire solutions that help organizations nurture the talent of their workforce

  • 2

    CloudMills sole purpose is to seamlessly connect the world of Human Resource Applications together so clients can choose systems that work the best for them without Integration being a road block

  • 3

    Provides document management and workflow automation solutions for teams and organizations of all sizes, across all markets

  • 4

    Provides an administrative platform that helps HR departments to simplify and improve employee management processes

  • 5

    A platform companies use to find, assess, and hire data scientists and software engineers

  • 6

    Provides a unique fit-based system to help businesses attract and engage the right people for their work environment

  • 7

    Provides a SaaS solution that streamlines and powers employee engagement programs for companies

  • 8

    A national provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll solutions

  • 9

    Kim helps businesses grow, launch new services, and manage costs, by empowering knowledge workers to take control of their own process automation

  • 10

    Specializes in providing a single source solution to everything HR (benefits consulting, technology, and people)

  • 11

    SaaS platform that helps to capture and share information at the insight level within the existing systems

  • 12

    Offers an intuitive SaaS platform that empowers healthcare companies to monitor, manage, and predict activity throughout the entire workforce management process

  • 13



    BambooHR’s cloud-based system assists companies to manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

  • 14



    Provides cutting-edge technology to power world-class learning programs

  • 15

    gr8 People

    gr8 People

    The gr8 People enterprise platform connects entire talent ecosystems into one-experience of performance, agility, and results

  • 16



    HireVue’s AI-driven Hiring Intelligence platform combines predictive, validated organizational science with AI to help recruiting professionals to augment human decision-making in the hiring process

  • 17



    Offers leading software solutions and tools to unify all aspects of talent acquisition

  • 18



    PeopleScout’s proprietary talent acquisition platform, empowers faster engagement with the best talent through an AI-driven, consumer-like candidate experience with one point ATS and VMS integration and single sign-on

  • 19



    Offers a unique talent evaluation tool to enable recruiters to better predict a candidate’s performance in a role, using realistic simulations to assess behavioral traits

  • 20

    Tempworks Software

    Tempworks Software

    TempWorks develops customized solutions from the ground up to address organization’s staffing needs