Top 20 HR Technology Solution Companies - 2014

Most HR executives of today see HR transformation as the vehicle they can use to re-align their organizations onto the right business path and deliver services in an efficient, effective, and compliant manner. As people and talent issues are widely recognized as critical to business success in good and bad economic times, business issues related to workforce management, retention, organization restructuring, and employee engagement have increasingly become executive committee’s top priorities. HR Leaders who are at the forefront of embracing change, are being asked to ensure that their priorities, organization, resources, and budgets are aligned with the business goals, bringing new approaches to optimize their talent by adopting the right technology.

Globalization, talent constraints, and new technology pose significant opportunities for material change in HR, according to new research from KPMG LLP, which found rising skepticism in the executive suite about the overall effectiveness of today's HR function. A large number of innovative HR leaders are adopting a new breed of HR solutions that leverage disruptive technologies such as real-time talent analytics and Big Data management, Gamification, Cloud, Mobile tools and more, there by bringing new approaches to streamline their business process spanning the employee life cycle: hiring and onboarding, personnel and benefits administration, compensation, payroll, compliance, performance management, succession planning, and career development. By investing in HRM strategies and technologies, companies are realizing new ways to drive business value in employee-facing processes and improving acquisition and retention of key talent while rationalizing fragmented systems that are increasingly difficult to maintain. To simplify and help HRs navigate the technology solutions landscape, CIO Review presents “20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers 2014”.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, HRs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board has decided the top HR Technology Solution Providers in the U.S., and in the process of selection, we have analyzed the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones and other recognitions. The companies featured provide an outlook on how their products work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what HR management technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition. We believe this information will help you to market your company in a much more effective manner.

We present to you CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers 2014.

    Top HR Tech Companies

  • 1

    Agile-1 combines best-of-breed talent procurement technology with experienced workforce management services teams and consultants, offering a robust suite of end-to-end workforce solutions

  • 2

    Helps companies create rewarding work environment by provides perks and discounts for employees

  • 3

    Cloud-based, continuous employee performance management software.

  • 4

    CARCO is an HR technology and risk mitigation company helping clients manage their new hire process with paperless workflow Onboarding Solution

  • 5

    A company that provides recruitment software that meets the evolving needs of today’s companies

  • 6

    Provider of a comprehensive view of tech talent

  • 7

    Provides efficient labor management solutions for employers with distributed workforce.

  • 8

    Recognition drives employee engagement, motivation and loyalty; improves a company’s productivity and profitability and builds relationships together

  • 9

    HR Cloud is a modern and powerful cloud-based HRMS solution with a complete suite of functionality, including core, performance, and onboarding HR software.

  • 10

    Madison Performance Group provides cloud-based Social Recognition Technology and leverages scientific principles and findings to make desirable changes in human behavior to elevate performance.

  • 11

    Provides a flexible and easy to use open source HRM solution.

  • 12

    Provides a powerful workforce management platform designed specifically for service industry brands

  • 13

    Providing integrated human capital solutions to manage human capital more effectively

  • 14

    Provides a variety of solutions that help organizations manage the entire lifecycle of their talent acquisition.

  • 15

    A provider of robust set of configurable solutions to efficiently and securely manage available data in order to provide real-time transactional activity.

  • 16

    Provides innovative software solution to organizations for effective employee communication.

  • 17

    TalentCircles allows building, branding, owning and managing live talent network, drastically reducing talent acquisition costs, interacting with candidates via video and optimally executing on staffing plan with no additional overhead

  • 18

    Provider of a suite of communications app building solutions

  • 19

    Delivers workforce analytics and planning solutions

  • 20

    A workforce consultancy providing transparent contingent workforce solutions